• NV&GWVC Officers and Members


    NV&GWVC Officers center: Chairman John J. Molloy and behind him fmr. Navy Seal, Benjamin Smith. Former POWs from Vietnam War L to R: Larry Stark, Capt. Eugene "Red" McDaniel, Mike Benge

    Chairman's TOC
  • USS Cole Cmdr. Kirk Lippold


    USS Cole Cmdr. Kirk Lippold, guest speaker, addressing a Coalition luncheon.

  • Payment in Iron


    Author Amy Yarsinke speaks about her book, "An American in the Basement."
    The book centers on Gulf War POW Capt. Scott Speicher, USN.

  • Louie!


    Hon. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), guest speaker, addresses a
    Coalition luncheon.

  • Kentucky Colonel Recipients


    2014 Kentucky Colonel recipients Diana West, author, and Father Alister Anderson, NV&GWVC Chaplain

    Rogue's Gallery
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Our Mission Statement

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The NV&GWVC exists to coordinate and facilitate the diverse interests of small and regional veterans' organizations for concerted effort and common cause on behalf of veteran's affairs.


To support measures that will insure the safety and security of the United States of America and (in keeping with our oath upon entering the service of our nation) to defend the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Our Goals:

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