A terrible injustice has been done to both Ms. Cindy Williams, of "Laverne & Shirley" and to A1C Michael Bragg and an apology is hereby offered to both parties for the posting of an article which has only recently been brought to our attention as a misrepresentation, long after the story has circulated for nearly five years and Ms. Williams has been the recipient of military "hate" mail owing to this terrible hoax. The letter of response previously posted on this page was, indeed, written by A1C Michael Bragg as a response to an article written by a Dr. Cindy Williams, PhD, senior research fellow at MIT, and not the Cindy Williams from "Laverne & Shirley" fame.

     Airman Bragg had written his defense of an article written by Dr. Cindy Williams on "Military Pay," and afterward his letter had been somehow misappropriated and he undertook still another response, this time stating, in part, that:
     "When I first wrote my response to her column, I was not under the misapprehension that the author of the editorial and the woman who played Shirley Feeney were the same person. That addition appears to have been made some time after my letter entered wide circulation on the internet. Too, it appears that someone has changed the original publisher of her column from the Washington Post to the Washington Times. Because one of the two people I e-mailed my letter to was, I did not then nor have I ever believed that her piece appeared in the Times..."

     It has been the an idea of this website to promote reading materials of interest to our viewers. We regret any futher damage caused to Ms. Williams by having posted this misinformation on our site. We had no prior knowledge that this information was incorrect.

THEREFORE, to Ms. Cindy Williams and to A1C Michael Bragg, a public apology is offered to you both by the Chairman of the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition and it's webmaster, for the posting of an article which has now been recognized as a misrepresentation of the truth. Ms. Williams has apparently undergone years of scrutiny since this story had first circulated and at this time, the Chairman of the Coalition, John J. Molloy, Jr., would like to ask that if any of our viewers, military or civilian, have since passed along the contents of this article to others, to please convey the correction, remembering what has been said here.

     In Ms. Cindy Williams own words:

     "I've done everything to try to squelch it, but nothing seems to work...I have people writing and calling me, even my friends, asking: 'Are you against a pay raise for the military?' And I reply, 'You know me, I'd fight {in the military} if I could, because I am such a patriot.'"


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