Reader's Views : Mr. Murtha and the New York Times
Posted by Jason Saine on 2006/6/27 7:19:35 News by the same author

Dear Editor:

Many people are not considering the extended impact of Mr. Murtha's statements over the last few months. Muslim militant propagandists around the world are posting and sharing his words verbatim - unedited - and using Murtha's words to encourage one another to greater exertion on behalf of "The Prophet." The murder and desecration of the bodies of two of America's finest could be ascribed to Murtha's words over the last few months. Almost every death in Iraq since at least last September could be placed squarely upon Mr. Murtha's shoulders.

As well, Mr. Murtha's words were surely a consideration by the managers and editors of the New York Times before they revealed yet another classified operation to the enemies of us all.

After reading Mr. Keller's "Letter to the Public" about the incident, I could not help but compose a short note to the managing and executive editor's of the once proud and noble Grey Lady.


"The next time that you wonder why your readership is dropping...remember this entire hullabaloo. Of course, the readership of your newspaper will now spike for a few days or even weeks, but in the long term it will continue to drop. That will, of course, further affect ad revenues.

I found Bill Keller's letter to the public to be disingenuous and intellectually dishonest, at best. It is only the other side of the coin, however. It is a side of the coin that reveals the underlying philosophy behind your newspaper's difficulties with truth and integrity in recent years.

It is not a problem with the public's perception of your newspaper's work, gentlemen. The problem is not external to your publication. The public's perception of your product begins with an internal problem within your company that reveals a much deeper problem with honor and integrity. This problem begins with you and the masthead of your once respected and esteemed organization.

As for freedom of speech, among twenty-six million others in this nation, I paid a price for your exercise of free speech. So, yes, say and report what you will, however detrimental to the safety of your own loved ones and to the three hundred million citizens of this nation. But be aware. With freedom comes personal responsibility.

You have compromised the security of this nation and of its citizens during a time of war and of conflict. You have compromised the safety and military operations of men on the battlefield during a time of war. You have compromised the lives of your own friends and loved ones by revealing the information that you have in recent days. This goes quite beyond the encouragement of a "Jayson Blair" reporting of falsehoods and subsequent attempts at a cover-up on your parts.

You have treasonously exposed your own lives and the lives of your families, friends - and the lives of every citizen in this nation - to extreme danger. You have endangered the lives of the men and women who now serve that you might be free to say and do what you will. The reporting in your newspaper, particularly of late, is poor repayment for their sacrifice. By publishing such "news," you have proven to all that you do not in fact support the troops in any substantive way whatever. Those who agree with your revelation of a classified program in a time of war also prove that they do not support the troops in any fashion. To endanger another's life is not defined as "support" unless you have taken complete leave of your senses. Gentlemen, you have endangered the lives of us all. As free men, and therefore responsible for your own words and deeds, it can only be assumed that you have done so purposely and with malice aforethought. Such "letters to the public" as Mr. Keller !
has composed and released reveals the purpose and forethought behind why you have endangered this nation and the men and women who protect it.

When your readership and revenues continue to fall, remember the day that you decided to reveal what you knew about our nation's attempts to starve the enemy of financial support. When the next Muslim attack succeeds in this nation, remember your own decision to reveal classified information to the enemy of us all. ...and then take responsibility for what you have done.


Warren "Bones" Bonesteel
Sgt USMC 1976-1983
Rapid City, SD

"One should never rouse the wrath of mild and conservative men. They are slow to anger, but once aroused, they are notoriously difficult to placate."