Rep. Information on Depleted Uranium Bills

Reps from states regarding the three Depleted Uranium bills Phone, fax, email them and ask them to sign on as cosponsor. Get your state's reps names from list and then check phone number at bottom.....Call the DC office and ask for the staffer that deals with veterans and tell them the bill numbers and talk to them about wanting them to be on cosponsor list....ask them for their personal email address and follow up with a letter to that person! Also then go to link at bottom and go to the webpage for your reps and send an email to the rep. Be sure and give them your email, phone number and address. Then ask your family members to do the same, your friends, coworkers, neighbors....give them the email addresses and the phone numbers and a copy of the materials re the letter and the information on the bills. Now we have done this before very successfully but it takes everyone pulling together and communicating. When you have done this take a minute and let us know how it went. I will use the national approach with my position on a national veterans group. I could use each of you also communicating with friends, fellow veterans, groups, churches, teachers, anyone you can think of to get them doing the project. WE can and must make a difference. I have done this several times since 1992 and it is hard work but with everyone pulling together we can do it again!


PS I will post updates on new cosponsors signed on to these bills weekly so if they dont show up on the list , well keep following up with them and keep the pressure on consistently.
Alaska Young, Don; Alaska, At Large _Back to top_
( Alabama Bonner, Jo; Alabama, 1st Everett,
Terry; Alabama, 2nd Rogers, Mike; Alabama, 3rd Aderholt, Robert B.; Alabama, 4th
Cramer, Robert E. (Bud); Alabama, 5th Bachus, Spencer; Alabama, 6th Davis,
Artur; Alabama, 7th _Back to top_
( Arkansas Berry, Marion; Arkansas, 1st Snyder, Vic; Arkansas,
2nd Boozman, John; Arkansas, 3rd Ross, Mike; Arkansas, 4th _Back to top_
( American Samoa
Faleomavaega, Eni F.H.; American Samoa, At Large _Back to top_
( Arizona Renzi, Rick; Arizona, 1st Franks,
Trent; Arizona, 2nd Shadegg, John B.; Arizona, 3rd Pastor, Ed; Arizona, 4th
Hayworth, J. D.; Arizona, 5th Flake, Jeff; Arizona, 6th Grijalva, Raul M.;
Arizona, 7th Kolbe, Jim; Arizona, 8th _Back to top_
( California Thompson, Mike; California, 1st
Herger, Wally; California, 2nd Lungren, Daniel E.; California, 3rd Doolittle,
John T.; California, 4th Matsui, Doris O.; California, 5th Woolsey, Lynn C.;
California, 6th Miller, George; California, 7th Pelosi, Nancy; California, 8th
Lee, Barbara; California, 9th Tauscher, Ellen O.; California, 10th Pombo,
Richard W.; California, 11th Lantos, Tom; California, 12th Stark, Fortney Pete;
California, 13th Eshoo, Anna G.; California, 14th Honda, Michael M.;
California, 15th Lofgren, Zoe; California, 16th Farr, Sam; California, 17th Cardoza,
Dennis A.; California, 18th Radanovich, George; California, 19th Costa, Jim;
California, 20th Nunes, Devin; California, 21st Thomas, William M.;
California, 22nd Capps, Lois; California, 23rd Gallegly, Elton; California, 24th
McKeon, Howard P. "Buck"; California, 25th Dreier, David; California, 26th
Sherman, Brad; California, 27th Berman, Howard L.; California, 28th Schiff, Adam
B.; California, 29th Waxman, Henry A.; California, 30th Becerra, Xavier;
California, 31st Solis, Hilda L.; California, 32nd Watson, Diane E.; California,
33rd Roybal-Allard, Lucille; California, 34th Waters, Maxine; California, 35th
Harman, Jane; California, 36th Millender-McDonald, Juanita; California, 37th
Napolitano, Grace F.; California, 38th Sanchez, Linda T.; California, 39th
Royce, Edward R.; California, 40th Lewis, Jerry; California, 41st Miller, Gary
G.; California, 42nd Baca, Joe; California, 43rd Calvert, Ken; California,
44th Bono, Mary; California, 45th Rohrabacher, Dana; California, 46th
Sanchez, Loretta; California, 47th Campbell, John; California, 48th Issa, Darrell
E.; California, 49th Filner, Bob; California, 51st Hunter, Duncan; California,
52nd Davis, Susan A.; California, 53rd _Back to top_
( Colorado DeGette, Diana; Colorado, 1st
Udall, Mark; Colorado, 2nd Salazar, John T.; Colorado, 3rd Musgrave, Marilyn N.;
Colorado, 4th Hefley, Joel; Colorado, 5th Tancredo, Thomas G.; Colorado, 6th
Beauprez, Bob; Colorado, 7th _Back to top_
( Connecticut Larson, John B.; Connecticut, 1st
Simmons, Rob; Connecticut, 2nd DeLauro, Rosa L.; Connecticut, 3rd Shays,
Christopher; Connecticut, 4th Johnson, Nancy L.; Connecticut, 5th _Back to top_
( District of Columbia
Norton, Eleanor Holmes; District of Columbia, At Large _Back to top_
( Delaware Castle, Michael N.;
Delaware, At Large _Back to top_
( Florida Miller, Jeff; Florida, 1st Boyd, Allen; Florida, 2nd Brown,
Corrine; Florida, 3rd Crenshaw, Ander; Florida, 4th Brown-Waite, Ginny;
Florida, 5th Stearns, Cliff; Florida, 6th Mica, John L.; Florida, 7th Keller,
Ric; Florida, 8th Bilirakis, Michael; Florida, 9th Young, C.W. Bill; Florida,
10th Davis, Jim; Florida, 11th Putnam, Adam H.; Florida, 12th Harris,
Katherine; Florida, 13th Mack, Connie; Florida, 14th Weldon, Dave; Florida, 15th
Foley, Mark; Florida, 16th Meek, Kendrick B.; Florida, 17th Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana;
Florida, 18th Wexler, Robert; Florida, 19th Wasserman Schultz, Debbie;
Florida, 20th Diaz-Balart, Lincoln; Florida, 21st Shaw, E. Clay; Florida, 22nd
Hastings, Alcee L.; Florida, 23rd Feeney, Tom; Florida, 24th Diaz-Balart,
Mario; Florida, 25th _Back to top_
( Georgia Kingston, Jack; Georgia, 1st Bishop, Sanford D.; Georgia,
2nd Marshall, Jim; Georgia, 3rd McKinney, Cynthia; Georgia, 4th Lewis, John;
Georgia, 5th Price, Tom; Georgia, 6th Linder, John; Georgia, 7th
Westmoreland, Lynn A.; Georgia, 8th Norwood, Charlie; Georgia, 9th Deal, Nathan; Georgia,
10th Gingrey, Phil; Georgia, 11th Barrow, John; Georgia, 12th Scott, David;
Georgia, 13th _Back to top_
( Guam Bordallo, Madeleine Z.; Guam, At Large _Back to top_
( Hawaii Abercrombie, Neil;
Hawaii, 1st Case, Ed; Hawaii, 2nd _Back to top_
( Iowa Nussle, Jim; Iowa, 1st Leach, James A.; Iowa,
2nd Boswell, Leonard L.; Iowa, 3rd Latham, Tom; Iowa, 4th King, Steve; Iowa,
5th _Back to top_ (
Idaho Otter, C. L. "Butch"; Idaho, 1st Simpson, Michael K.; Idaho, 2nd _Back
to top_ ( Illinois
Rush, Bobby L.; Illinois, 1st Jackson, Jesse L.; Illinois, 2nd Lipinski,
Daniel; Illinois, 3rd Gutierrez, Luis V.; Illinois, 4th Emanuel, Rahm; Illinois,
5th Hyde, Henry J.; Illinois, 6th Davis, Danny K.; Illinois, 7th Bean, Melissa
L.; Illinois, 8th Schakowsky, Janice D.; Illinois, 9th Kirk, Mark Steven;
Illinois, 10th Weller, Jerry; Illinois, 11th Costello, Jerry F.; Illinois, 12th
Biggert, Judy; Illinois, 13th Hastert, J. Dennis; Illinois, 14th Johnson,
Timothy V.; Illinois, 15th Manzullo, Donald A.; Illinois, 16th Evans, Lane;
Illinois, 17th LaHood, Ray; Illinois, 18th Shimkus, John; Illinois, 19th _Back
to top_ ( Indiana
Visclosky, Peter J.; Indiana, 1st Chocola, Chris; Indiana, 2nd Souder, Mark E.;
Indiana, 3rd Buyer, Steve; Indiana, 4th Burton, Dan; Indiana, 5th Pence, Mike;
Indiana, 6th Carson, Julia; Indiana, 7th Hostettler, John N.; Indiana, 8th
Sodrel, Michael E.; Indiana, 9th _Back to top_
( Kansas Moran, Jerry; Kansas, 1st Ryun, Jim;
Kansas, 2nd Moore, Dennis; Kansas, 3rd Tiahrt, Todd; Kansas, 4th _Back to top_
( Kentucky Whitfield,
Ed; Kentucky, 1st Lewis, Ron; Kentucky, 2nd Northup, Anne M.; Kentucky, 3rd
Davis, Geoff; Kentucky, 4th Rogers, Harold; Kentucky, 5th Chandler, Ben;
Kentucky, 6th _Back to top_ (
Louisiana Jindal, Bobby; Louisiana, 1st Jefferson, William J.; Louisiana,
2nd Melancon, Charlie; Louisiana, 3rd McCrery, Jim; Louisiana, 4th Alexander,
Rodney; Louisiana, 5th Baker, Richard H.; Louisiana, 6th Boustany, Charles
W.; Louisiana, 7th _Back to top_
( Massachusetts Olver, John W.; Massachusetts, 1st Neal, Richard
E.; Massachusetts, 2nd McGovern, James P.; Massachusetts, 3rd Frank, Barney;
Massachusetts, 4th Meehan, Martin T.; Massachusetts, 5th Tierney, John F.;
Massachusetts, 6th Markey, Edward J.; Massachusetts, 7th Capuano, Michael E.;
Massachusetts, 8th Lynch, Stephen F.; Massachusetts, 9th Delahunt, William D.;
Massachusetts, 10th _Back to top_
( Maryland Gilchrest, Wayne T.; Maryland, 1st Ruppersberger, C.
A. Dutch; Maryland, 2nd Cardin, Benjamin L.; Maryland, 3rd Wynn, Albert
Russell; Maryland, 4th Hoyer, Steny H.; Maryland, 5th Bartlett, Roscoe G.;
Maryland, 6th Cummings, Elijah E.; Maryland, 7th Van Hollen, Chris; Maryland, 8th
_Back to top_ ( Maine
Allen, Thomas H.; Maine, 1st Michaud, Michael H.; Maine, 2nd _Back to top_
( Michigan Stupak, Bart;
Michigan, 1st Hoekstra, Peter; Michigan, 2nd Ehlers, Vernon J.; Michigan,
3rd Camp, Dave; Michigan, 4th Kildee, Dale E.; Michigan, 5th Upton, Fred;
Michigan, 6th Schwarz, John J.H. "Joe"; Michigan, 7th Rogers, Mike; Michigan, 8th
Knollenberg, Joe; Michigan, 9th Miller, Candice S.; Michigan, 10th McCotter,
Thaddeus G.; Michigan, 11th Levin, Sander M.; Michigan, 12th Kilpatrick,
Carolyn C.; Michigan, 13th Conyers, John; Michigan, 14th Dingell, John D.;
Michigan, 15th _Back to top_
( Minnesota Gutknecht, Gil; Minnesota, 1st Kline, John; Minnesota, 2nd
Ramstad, Jim; Minnesota, 3rd McCollum, Betty; Minnesota, 4th Sabo, Martin Olav;
Minnesota, 5th Kennedy, Mark R.; Minnesota, 6th Peterson, Collin C.;
Minnesota, 7th Oberstar, James L.; Minnesota, 8th _Back to top_
( Missouri Clay, Wm. Lacy; Missouri, 1st
Akin, W. Todd; Missouri, 2nd Carnahan, Russ; Missouri, 3rd Skelton, Ike;
Missouri, 4th Cleaver, Emanuel; Missouri, 5th Graves, Sam; Missouri, 6th Blunt,
Roy; Missouri, 7th Emerson, Jo Ann; Missouri, 8th Hulshof, Kenny C.; Missouri,
9th _Back to top_ (
Mississippi Wicker, Roger F.; Mississippi, 1st Thompson, Bennie G.;
Mississippi, 2nd Pickering, Charles W. "Chip"; Mississippi, 3rd Taylor, Gene;
Mississippi, 4th _Back to top_ (
Montana Rehberg, Dennis R.; Montana, At Large _Back to top_
( North Carolina Butterfield, G.
K.; North Carolina, 1st Etheridge, Bob; North Carolina, 2nd Jones, Walter B.;
North Carolina, 3rd Price, David E.; North Carolina, 4th Foxx, Virginia; North
Carolina, 5th Coble, Howard; North Carolina, 6th McIntyre, Mike; North
Carolina, 7th Hayes, Robin; North Carolina, 8th Myrick, Sue Wilkins; North
Carolina, 9th McHenry, Patrick T.; North Carolina, 10th Taylor, Charles H.; North
Carolina, 11th Watt, Melvin L.; North Carolina, 12th Miller, Brad; North
Carolina, 13th _Back to top_ (
North Dakota Pomeroy, Earl; North Dakota, At Large _Back to top_
( Nebraska Fortenberry, Jeff;
Nebraska, 1st Terry, Lee; Nebraska, 2nd Osborne, Tom; Nebraska, 3rd _Back to
top_ ( New Hampshire
Bradley, Jeb; New Hampshire, 1st Bass, Charles F.; New Hampshire, 2nd _Back
to top_ ( New Jersey
Andrews, Robert E.; New Jersey, 1st LoBiondo, Frank A.; New Jersey, 2nd
Saxton, Jim; New Jersey, 3rd Smith, Christopher H.; New Jersey, 4th Garrett, Scott;
New Jersey, 5th Pallone, Frank; New Jersey, 6th Ferguson, Mike; New Jersey,
7th Pascrell, Bill; New Jersey, 8th Rothman, Steven R.; New Jersey, 9th
Payne, Donald M.; New Jersey, 10th Frelinghuysen, Rodney P.; New Jersey, 11th
Holt, Rush D.; New Jersey, 12th Menendez, Robert; New Jersey, 13th _Back to
top_ ( New Mexico Wilson,
Heather; New Mexico, 1st Pearce, Stevan; New Mexico, 2nd Udall, Tom; New
Mexico, 3rd _Back to top_ (
Nevada Berkley, Shelley; Nevada, 1st Gibbons, Jim; Nevada, 2nd Porter, Jon
C.; Nevada, 3rd _Back to top_
( New York Bishop, Timothy H.; New York, 1st Israel, Steve; New
York, 2nd King, Peter T.; New York, 3rd McCarthy, Carolyn; New York, 4th
Ackerman, Gary L.; New York, 5th Meeks, Gregory W.; New York, 6th Crowley, Joseph;
New York, 7th Nadler, Jerrold; New York, 8th Weiner, Anthony D.; New York, 9th
Towns, Edolphus; New York, 10th Owens, Major R.; New York, 11th Velazquez,
Nydia M.; New York, 12th Fossella, Vito; New York, 13th Maloney, Carolyn B.;
New York, 14th Rangel, Charles B.; New York, 15th Serrano, Jose E.; New York,
16th Engel, Eliot L.; New York, 17th Lowey, Nita M.; New York, 18th Kelly,
Sue W.; New York, 19th Sweeney, John E.; New York, 20th McNulty, Michael R.;
New York, 21st Hinchey, Maurice D.; New York, 22nd McHugh, John M.; New York,
23rd Boehlert, Sherwood; New York, 24th Walsh, James T.; New York, 25th
Reynolds, Thomas M.; New York, 26th Higgins, Brian; New York, 27th Slaughter,
Louise McIntosh; New York, 28th Kuhl, John R. "Randy"; New York, 29th _Back to
top_ ( Ohio Chabot,
Steve; Ohio, 1st Schmidt, Jean; Ohio, 2nd Turner, Michael R.; Ohio, 3rd Oxley,
Michael G.; Ohio, 4th Gillmor, Paul E.; Ohio, 5th Strickland, Ted; Ohio, 6th
Hobson, David L.; Ohio, 7th Boehner, John A.; Ohio, 8th Kaptur, Marcy; Ohio,
9th Kucinich, Dennis J.; Ohio, 10th Jones, Stephanie Tubbs; Ohio, 11th
Tiberi, Patrick J.; Ohio, 12th Brown, Sherrod; Ohio, 13th LaTourette, Steven C.;
Ohio, 14th Pryce, Deborah; Ohio, 15th Regula, Ralph; Ohio, 16th Ryan, Tim;
Ohio, 17th Ney, Robert W.; Ohio, 18th _Back to top_
( Oklahoma Sullivan, John; Oklahoma, 1st Boren,
Dan; Oklahoma, 2nd Lucas, Frank D.; Oklahoma, 3rd Cole, Tom; Oklahoma, 4th
Istook, Ernest J.; Oklahoma, 5th _Back to top_
( Oregon Wu, David; Oregon, 1st Walden, Greg; Oregon,
2nd Blumenauer, Earl; Oregon, 3rd DeFazio, Peter A.; Oregon, 4th Hooley,
Darlene; Oregon, 5th _Back to top_
( Pennsylvania Brady, Robert A.; Pennsylvania, 1st Fattah, Chaka;
Pennsylvania, 2nd English, Phil; Pennsylvania, 3rd Hart, Melissa A.;
Pennsylvania, 4th Peterson, John E.; Pennsylvania, 5th Gerlach, Jim; Pennsylvania, 6th
Weldon, Curt; Pennsylvania, 7th Fitzpatrick, Michael G.; Pennsylvania, 8th
Shuster, Bill; Pennsylvania, 9th Sherwood, Don; Pennsylvania, 10th Kanjorski,
Paul E.; Pennsylvania, 11th Murtha, John P.; Pennsylvania, 12th Schwartz,
Allyson Y.; Pennsylvania, 13th Doyle, Michael F.; Pennsylvania, 14th Dent,
Charles W.; Pennsylvania, 15th Pitts, Joseph R.; Pennsylvania, 16th Holden, Tim;
Pennsylvania, 17th Murphy, Tim; Pennsylvania, 18th Platts, Todd Russell;
Pennsylvania, 19th _Back to top_
( Puerto Rico Fortuno, Luis G.; Puerto Rico, At Large _Back to top_
( Rhode Island Kennedy,
Patrick J.; Rhode Island, 1st Langevin, James R.; Rhode Island, 2nd _Back
to top_ ( South Carolina
Brown, Henry E.; South Carolina, 1st Wilson, Joe; South Carolina, 2nd
Barrett, J. Gresham; South Carolina, 3rd Inglis, Bob; South Carolina, 4th Spratt,
John M.; South Carolina, 5th Clyburn, James E.; South Carolina, 6th _Back to
top_ ( South Dakota
Herseth, Stephanie; South Dakota, At Large _Back to top_
( Tennessee Jenkins, William L.; Tennessee,
1st Duncan, John J.; Tennessee, 2nd Wamp, Zach; Tennessee, 3rd Davis,
Lincoln; Tennessee, 4th Cooper, Jim; Tennessee, 5th Gordon, Bart; Tennessee, 6th
Blackburn, Marsha; Tennessee, 7th Tanner, John S.; Tennessee, 8th Ford, Harold
E.; Tennessee, 9th _Back to top_
( Texas Gohmert, Louie; Texas, 1st Poe, Ted; Texas, 2nd Johnson,
Sam; Texas, 3rd Hall, Ralph M.; Texas, 4th Hensarling, Jeb; Texas, 5th
Barton, Joe; Texas, 6th Culberson, John Abney; Texas, 7th Brady, Kevin; Texas, 8th
Green, Al; Texas, 9th McCaul, Michael T.; Texas, 10th Conaway, K. Michael;
Texas, 11th Granger, Kay; Texas, 12th Thornberry, Mac; Texas, 13th Paul, Ron;
Texas, 14th Hinojosa, Ruben; Texas, 15th Reyes, Silvestre; Texas, 16th
Edwards, Chet; Texas, 17th Jackson-Lee, Sheila; Texas, 18th Neugebauer, Randy;
Texas, 19th Gonzalez, Charles A.; Texas, 20th Smith, Lamar S.; Texas, 21st
DeLay, Tom; Texas, 22nd Bonilla, Henry; Texas, 23rd Marchant, Kenny; Texas, 24th
Doggett, Lloyd; Texas, 25th Burgess, Michael C.; Texas, 26th Ortiz, Solomon
P.; Texas, 27th Cuellar, Henry; Texas, 28th Green, Gene; Texas, 29th Johnson,
Eddie Bernice; Texas, 30th Carter, John R.; Texas, 31st Sessions, Pete;
Texas, 32nd _Back to top_ (
Utah Bishop, Rob; Utah, 1st Matheson, Jim; Utah, 2nd Cannon, Chris; Utah,
3rd _Back to top_ (
Virginia Davis, Jo Ann; Virginia, 1st Drake, Thelma D.; Virginia, 2nd Scott,
Robert C.; Virginia, 3rd Forbes, J. Randy; Virginia, 4th Goode, Virgil H.;
Virginia, 5th Goodlatte, Bob; Virginia, 6th Cantor, Eric; Virginia, 7th Moran,
James P.; Virginia, 8th Boucher, Rick; Virginia, 9th Wolf, Frank R.;
Virginia, 10th Davis, Tom; Virginia, 11th _Back to top_
( Virgin Islands Christensen, Donna M.; Virgin
Islands, At Large _Back to top_
( Vermont Sanders, Bernard; Vermont, At Large _Back to top_
( Washington Inslee, Jay;
Washington, 1st Larsen, Rick; Washington, 2nd Baird, Brian; Washington, 3rd
Hastings, Doc; Washington, 4th McMorris, Cathy; Washington, 5th Dicks, Norman D.;
Washington, 6th McDermott, Jim; Washington, 7th Reichert, David G.;
Washington, 8th Smith, Adam; Washington, 9th _Back to top_
( Wisconsin Ryan, Paul; Wisconsin, 1st Baldwin,
Tammy; Wisconsin, 2nd Kind, Ron; Wisconsin, 3rd Moore, Gwen; Wisconsin, 4th
Sensenbrenner, F. James; Wisconsin, 5th Petri, Thomas E.; Wisconsin, 6th Obey,
David R.; Wisconsin, 7th Green, Mark; Wisconsin, 8th _Back to top_
( West Virginia Mollohan, Alan
B.; West Virginia, 1st Capito, Shelley Moore; West Virginia, 2nd Rahall,
Nick J.; West Virginia, 3rd _Back to top_
( Wyoming Cubin, Barbara; Wyoming, At Large

February 15, 2006

Compiled by Karen L. Haas, Clerk of the House of Representatives
Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independent underlined Resident
Commissioner and Delegates in boldface.

All phone numbers are in area code (202).

Room numbers with 3 digits are in the Cannon HOB, 4 digits beginning with 1
are in the Longworth HOB,
4 digits beginning with 2 are in the Rayburn HOB, numbers beginning with H2
are in the Ford HOB.
Capitol room numbers begin with SB, ST, HB, HT with 2 digits and with H or S
with 3 digits.

Representative State District Phone Room Abercrombie, Neil HI 1st 225-2726
1502 Ackerman, Gary L. NY 5th 225-2601 2243 Aderholt, Robert B. AL 4th
225-4876 1433 Akin, W. Todd MO 2nd 225-2561 117 Alexander, Rodney LA 5th
225-8490 316 Allen, Thomas H. ME 1st 225-6116 1127 Andrews, Robert E. NJ 1st
225-6501 2439 Baca, Joe CA 43rd 225-6161 328 Bachus, Spencer AL 6th
225-4921 442 Baird, Brian WA 3rd 225-3536 1421 Baker, Richard H. LA 6th 225-3901
341 Baldwin, Tammy WI 2nd 225-2906 1022 Barrett, J. Gresham SC 3rd
225-5301 1523 Barrow, John GA 12th 225-2823 226 Bartlett, Roscoe G. MD 6th
225-2721 2412 Barton, Joe TX 6th 225-2002 2109 Bass, Charles F. NH 2nd 225-5206
2421 Bean, Melissa L. IL 8th 225-3711 512 Beauprez, Bob CO 7th 225-2645
504 Becerra, Xavier CA 31st 225-6235 1119 Berkley, Shelley NV 1st 225-5965
439 Berman, Howard L. CA 28th 225-4695 2221 Berry, Marion AR 1st 225-4076
2305 Biggert, Judy IL 13th 225-3515 1317 Bilirakis, Michael FL 9th 225-5755
2408 Bishop, Rob UT 1st 225-0453 124 Bishop, Sanford D. Jr. GA 2nd
225-3631 2429 Bishop, Timothy H. NY 1st 225-3826 1133 Blackburn, Marsha TN 7th
225-2811 509 Blumenauer, Earl OR 3rd 225-4811 2446 Blunt, Roy MO 7th
225-6536 217 Boehlert, Sherwood NY 24th 225-3665 2246 Boehner, John A. OH 8th
225-6205 1011 Bonilla, Henry TX 23rd 225-4511 2458 Bonner, Jo AL 1st 225-4931
315 Bono, Mary CA 45th 225-5330 405 Boozman, John AR 3rd 225-4301 1519
Bordallo, Madeleine Z. GU Delegate 225-1188 427 Boren, Dan OK 2nd 225-2701
216 Boswell, Leonard L. IA 3rd 225-3806 1427 Boucher, Rick VA 9th 225-3861
2187 Boustany, Charles W. Jr. LA 7th 225-2031 1117 Boyd, Allen FL 2nd
225-5235 1227 Bradley, Jeb NH 1st 225-5456 1218 Brady, Kevin TX 8th 225-4901
428 Brady, Robert A. PA 1st 225-4731 206 Brown, Corrine FL 3rd 225-0123
2444 Brown, Henry E. Jr. SC 1st 225-3176 1124 Brown, Sherrod OH 13th 225-3401
2332 Brown-Waite, Ginny FL 5th 225-1002 414 Burgess, Michael C. TX 26th
225-7772 1721 Burton, Dan IN 5th 225-2276 2185 Butterfield, G. K. NC 1st
225-3101 413 Buyer, Steve IN 4th 225-5037 2230 Calvert, Ken CA 44th 225-1986
2201 Camp, Dave MI 4th 225-3561 137 Campbell, John CA 48th 225-5611 2402
Cannon, Chris UT 3rd 225-7751 2436 Cantor, Eric VA 7th 225-2815 329
Capito, Shelley Moore WV 2nd 225-2711 1431 Capps, Lois CA 23rd 225-3601 1707
Capuano, Michael E. MA 8th 225-5111 1530 Cardin, Benjamin L. MD 3rd 225-4016
2207 Cardoza, Dennis A. CA 18th 225-6131 435 Carnahan, Russ MO 3rd 225-2671
1232 Carson, Julia IN 7th 225-4011 1535 Carter, John R. TX 31st 225-3864
408 Case, Ed HI 2nd 225-4906 115 Castle, Michael N. DE At Large 225-4165
1233 Chabot, Steve OH 1st 225-2216 129 Chandler, Ben KY 6th 225-4706 1504
Chocola, Chris IN 2nd 225-3915 510 Christensen, Donna M. VI Delegate
225-1790 1510 Clay, Wm. Lacy MO 1st 225-2406 131 Cleaver, Emanuel MO 5th
225-4535 1641 Clyburn, James E. SC 6th 225-3315 2135 Coble, Howard NC 6th
225-3065 2468 Cole, Tom OK 4th 225-6165 236 Conaway, K. Michael TX 11th 225-3605
511 Conyers, John Jr. MI 14th 225-5126 2426 Cooper, Jim TN 5th 225-4311
1536 Costa, Jim CA 20th 225-3341 1004 Costello, Jerry F. IL 12th 225-5661
2269 Cramer, Robert E. (Bud) Jr. AL 5th 225-4801 2368 Crenshaw, Ander FL 4th
225-2501 127 Crowley, Joseph NY 7th 225-3965 312 Cubin, Barbara WY At
Large 225-2311 1114 Cuellar, Henry TX 28th 225-1640 1404 Culberson, John Abney
TX 7th 225-2571 1728 Cummings, Elijah E. MD 7th 225-4741 2235
[Cunningham, Randy ``Duke''] CA 50th 225-5452 Davis, Artur AL 7th 225-2665 208
Davis, Danny K. IL 7th 225-5006 1526 Davis, Geoff KY 4th 225-3465 1541 Davis,
Jim FL 11th 225-3376 409 Davis, Jo Ann VA 1st 225-4261 1123 Davis, Lincoln
TN 4th 225-6831 410 Davis, Susan A. CA 53rd 225-2040 1224 Davis, Tom VA
11th 225-1492 2348 Deal, Nathan GA 10th 225-5211 2133 DeFazio, Peter A. OR
4th 225-6416 2134 DeGette, Diana CO 1st 225-4431 1527 Delahunt, William D.
MA 10th 225-3111 2454 DeLauro, Rosa L. CT 3rd 225-3661 2262 DeLay, Tom TX
22nd 225-5951 242 Dent, Charles W. PA 15th 225-6411 502 Diaz-Balart,
Lincoln FL 21st 225-4211 2244 Diaz-Balart, Mario FL 25th 225-2778 313 Dicks,
Norman D. WA 6th 225-5916 2467 Dingell, John D. MI 15th 225-4071 2328
Doggett, Lloyd TX 25th 225-4865 201 Doolittle, John T. CA 4th 225-2511 2410
Doyle, Michael F. PA 14th 225-2135 401 Drake, Thelma D. VA 2nd 225-4215 1208
Dreier, David CA 26th 225-2305 233 Duncan, John J. Jr. TN 2nd 225-5435 2267
Edwards, Chet TX 17th 225-6105 2264 Ehlers, Vernon J. MI 3rd 225-3831 1714
Emanuel, Rahm IL 5th 225-4061 1319 Emerson, Jo Ann MO 8th 225-4404 2440
Engel, Eliot L. NY 17th 225-2464 2161 English, Phil PA 3rd 225-5406 1410
Eshoo, Anna G. CA 14th 225-8104 205 Etheridge, Bob NC 2nd 225-4531 1533
Evans, Lane IL 17th 225-5905 2211 Everett, Terry AL 2nd 225-2901 2312
Faleomavaega, Eni F. H. AS Delegate 225-8577 2422 Farr, Sam CA 17th 225-2861 1221
Fattah, Chaka PA 2nd 225-4001 2301 Feeney, Tom FL 24th 225-2706 323
Ferguson, Mike NJ 7th 225-5361 214 Filner, Bob CA 51st 225-8045 2428
Fitzpatrick, Michael G. PA 8th 225-4276 1516 Flake, Jeff AZ 6th 225-2635 424 Foley,
Mark FL 16th 225-5792 104 Forbes, J. Randy VA 4th 225-6365 307 Ford,
Harold E. Jr. TN 9th 225-3265 325 Fortenberry, Jeff NE 1st 225-4806 1517
Fortuño, Luis G. PR Resident
Commissioner 225-2615 126 Fossella, Vito NY 13th 225-3371 1239 Foxx,
Virginia NC 5th 225-2071 503 Frank, Barney MA 4th 225-5931 2252 Franks, Trent
AZ 2nd 225-4576 1237 Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. NJ 11th 225-5034 2442
Gallegly, Elton CA 24th 225-5811 2427 Garrett, Scott NJ 5th 225-4465 1318
Gerlach, Jim PA 6th 225-4315 308 Gibbons, Jim NV 2nd 225-6155 100 Gilchrest,
Wayne T. MD 1st 225-5311 2245 Gillmor, Paul E. OH 5th 225-6405 1203 Gingrey,
Phil GA 11th 225-2931 119 Gohmert, Louie TX 1st 225-3035 508 Gonzalez,
Charles A. TX 20th 225-3236 327 Goode, Virgil H. Jr. VA 5th 225-4711 1520
Goodlatte, Bob VA 6th 225-5431 2240 Gordon, Bart TN 6th 225-4231 2304 Granger,
Kay TX 12th 225-5071 440 Graves, Sam MO 6th 225-7041 1513 Green, Al TX
9th 225-7508 1529 Green, Gene TX 29th 225-1688 2335 Green, Mark WI 8th
225-5665 1314 Grijalva, Raúl M. AZ 7th 225-2435 1440 Gutierrez, Luis V. IL 4th
225-8203 2367 Gutknecht, Gil MN 1st 225-2472 425 Hall, Ralph M. TX 4th
225-6673 2405 Harman, Jane CA 36th 225-8220 2400 Harris, Katherine FL 13th
225-5015 116 Hart, Melissa A. PA 4th 225-2565 1024 Hastert, J. Dennis IL
14th 225-2976 235 Hastings, Alcee L. FL 23rd 225-1313 2353 Hastings, Doc WA
4th 225-5816 1323 Hayes, Robin NC 8th 225-3715 130 Hayworth, J. D. AZ 5th
225-2190 2434 Hefley, Joel CO 5th 225-4422 2372 Hensarling, Jeb TX 5th
225-3484 132 Herger, Wally CA 2nd 225-3076 2268 Herseth, Stephanie SD At Large
225-2801 331 Higgins, Brian NY 27th 225-3306 431 Hinchey, Maurice D. NY
22nd 225-6335 2431 Hinojosa, Rubén TX 15th 225-2531 2463 Hobson, David L.
OH 7th 225-4324 2346 Hoekstra, Peter MI 2nd 225-4401 2234 Holden, Tim PA
17th 225-5546 2417 Holt, Rush D. NJ 12th 225-5801 1019 Honda, Michael M. CA
15th 225-2631 1713 Hooley, Darlene OR 5th 225-5711 2430 Hostettler, John N.
IN 8th 225-4636 1214 Hoyer, Steny H. MD 5th 225-4131 1705 Hulshof, Kenny
C. MO 9th 225-2956 412 Hunter, Duncan CA 52nd 225-5672 2265 Hyde, Henry J.
IL 6th 225-4561 2110 Inglis, Bob SC 4th 225-6030 330 Inslee, Jay WA 1st
225-6311 403 Israel, Steve NY 2nd 225-3335 432 Issa, Darrell E. CA 49th
225-3906 211 Istook, Ernest J. Jr. OK 5th 225-2132 2404 Jackson, Jesse L. Jr.
IL 2nd 225-0773 2419 Jackson-Lee, Sheila TX 18th 225-3816 2435 Jefferson,
William J. LA 2nd 225-6636 2113 Jenkins, William L. TN 1st 225-6356 1207
Jindal, Bobby LA 1st 225-3015 1205 Johnson, Eddie Bernice TX 30th 225-8885
1511 Johnson, Nancy L. CT 5th 225-4476 2409 Johnson, Sam TX 3rd 225-4201
1211 Johnson, Timothy V. IL 15th 225-2371 1229 Jones, Stephanie Tubbs OH 11th
225-7032 1009 Jones, Walter B. NC 3rd 225-3415 422 Kanjorski, Paul E. PA
11th 225-6511 2188 Kaptur, Marcy OH 9th 225-4146 2366 Keller, Ric FL 8th
225-2176 419 Kelly, Sue W. NY 19th 225-5441 2182 Kennedy, Mark R. MN 6th
225-2331 1415 Kennedy, Patrick J. RI 1st 225-4911 407 Kildee, Dale E. MI 5th
225-3611 2107 Kilpatrick, Carolyn C. MI 13th 225-2261 1610 Kind, Ron WI
3rd 225-5506 1406 King, Peter T. NY 3rd 225-7896 436 King, Steve IA 5th
225-4426 1432 Kingston, Jack GA 1st 225-5831 2242 Kirk, Mark Steven IL 10th
225-4835 1717 Kline, John MN 2nd 225-2271 1429 Knollenberg, Joe MI 9th
225-5802 2349 Kolbe, Jim AZ 8th 225-2542 237 Kucinich, Dennis J. OH 10th
225-5871 1730 Kuhl, John R. ``Randy'' Jr. NY 29th 225-3161 1505 LaHood, Ray IL
18th 225-6201 1424 Langevin, James R. RI 2nd 225-2735 109 Lantos, Tom CA
12th 225-3531 2413 Larsen, Rick WA 2nd 225-2605 107 Larson, John B. CT 1st
225-2265 1005 Latham, Tom IA 4th 225-5476 2447 LaTourette, Steven C. OH
14th 225-5731 2453 Leach, James A. IA 2nd 225-6576 2186 Lee, Barbara CA 9th
225-2661 1724 Levin, Sander M. MI 12th 225-4961 2300 Lewis, Jerry CA 41st
225-5861 2112 Lewis, John GA 5th 225-3801 343 Lewis, Ron KY 2nd 225-3501
2418 Linder, John GA 7th 225-4272 1026 Lipinski, Daniel IL 3rd 225-5701 1217
LoBiondo, Frank A. NJ 2nd 225-6572 225 Lofgren, Zoe CA 16th 225-3072 102
Lowey, Nita M. NY 18th 225-6506 2329 Lucas, Frank D. OK 3rd 225-5565 2342
Lungren, Daniel E. CA 3rd 225-5716 2448 Lynch, Stephen F. MA 9th 225-8273
319 McCarthy, Carolyn NY 4th 225-5516 106 McCaul, Michael T. TX 10th
225-2401 415 McCollum, Betty MN 4th 225-6631 1029 McCotter, Thaddeus G. MI 11th
225-8171 1632 McCrery, Jim LA 4th 225-2777 2104 McDermott, Jim WA 7th
225-3106 1035 McGovern, James P. MA 3rd 225-6101 430 McHenry, Patrick T. NC
10th 225-2576 224 McHugh, John M. NY 23rd 225-4611 2333 McIntyre, Mike NC
7th 225-2731 2437 McKeon, Howard P. ``Buck'' CA 25th 225-1956 2351 McKinney,
Cynthia GA 4th 225-1605 320 McMorris, Cathy WA 5th 225-2006 1708 McNulty,
Michael R. NY 21st 225-5076 2210 Mack, Connie FL 14th 225-2536 317
Maloney, Carolyn B. NY 14th 225-7944 2331 Manzullo, Donald A. IL 16th 225-5676
2228 Marchant, Kenny TX 24th 225-6605 501 Markey, Edward J. MA 7th 225-2836
2108 Marshall, Jim GA 3rd 225-6531 515 Matheson, Jim UT 2nd 225-3011 1222
Matsui, Doris O. CA 5th 225-7163 2310 Meehan, Martin T. MA 5th 225-3411
2229 Meek, Kendrick B. FL 17th 225-4506 1039 Meeks, Gregory W. NY 6th
225-3461 1710 Melancon, Charlie LA 3rd 225-4031 404 [Menendez, Robert ] NJ 13th
225-7919 Mica, John L. FL 7th 225-4035 2313 Michaud, Michael H. ME 2nd
225-6306 437 Millender-McDonald, Juanita CA 37th 225-7924 2445 Miller, Brad
NC 13th 225-3032 1722 Miller, Candice S. MI 10th 225-2106 228 Miller, Gary
G. CA 42nd 225-3201 1037 Miller, George CA 7th 225-2095 2205 Miller, Jeff
FL 1st 225-4136 324 Mollohan, Alan B. WV 1st 225-4172 2302 Moore, Dennis
KS 3rd 225-2865 1727 Moore, Gwen WI 4th 225-4572 1408 Moran, James P. VA
8th 225-4376 2239 Moran, Jerry KS 1st 225-2715 2443 Murphy, Tim PA 18th
225-2301 322 Murtha, John P. PA 12th 225-2065 2423 Musgrave, Marilyn N. CO
4th 225-4676 1507 Myrick, Sue Wilkins NC 9th 225-1976 230 Nadler, Jerrold
NY 8th 225-5635 2334 Napolitano, Grace F. CA 38th 225-5256 1609 Neal,
Richard E. MA 2nd 225-5601 2266 Neugebauer, Randy TX 19th 225-4005 429 Ney,
Robert W. OH 18th 225-6265 2438 Northup, Anne M. KY 3rd 225-5401 2459 Norton,
Eleanor Holmes DC Delegate 225-8050 2136 Norwood, Charlie GA 9th 225-4101
2452 Nunes, Devin CA 21st 225-2523 1013 Nussle, Jim IA 1st 225-2911 303
Oberstar, James L. MN 8th 225-6211 2365 Obey, David R. WI 7th 225-3365 2314
Olver, John W. MA 1st 225-5335 1111 Ortiz, Solomon P. TX 27th 225-7742
2470 Osborne, Tom NE 3rd 225-6435 507 Otter, C. L. ``Butch'' ID 1st 225-6611
1711 Owens, Major R. NY 11th 225-6231 2309 Oxley, Michael G. OH 4th
225-2676 2308 Pallone, Frank Jr. NJ 6th 225-4671 420 Pascrell, Bill Jr. NJ 8th
225-5751 2464 Pastor, Ed AZ 4th 225-4065 2465 Paul, Ron TX 14th 225-2831 203
Payne, Donald M. NJ 10th 225-3436 2209 Pearce, Stevan NM 2nd 225-2365 1607
Pelosi, Nancy CA 8th 225-4965 2371 Pence, Mike IN 6th 225-3021 426
Peterson, Collin C. MN 7th 225-2165 2159 Peterson, John E. PA 5th 225-5121 123
Petri, Thomas E. WI 6th 225-2476 2462 Pickering, Charles W. ``Chip'' MS 3rd
225-5031 229 Pitts, Joseph R. PA 16th 225-2411 221 Platts, Todd Russell
PA 19th 225-5836 1032 Poe, Ted TX 2nd 225-6565 1605 Pombo, Richard W. CA
11th 225-1947 2411 Pomeroy, Earl ND At Large 225-2611 1501 Porter, Jon C. NV
3rd 225-3252 218 Price, David E. NC 4th 225-1784 2162 Price, Tom GA 6th
225-4501 506 Pryce, Deborah OH 15th 225-2015 204 Putnam, Adam H. FL 12th
225-1252 1213 Radanovich, George CA 19th 225-4540 438 Rahall, Nick J. II WV
3rd 225-3452 2307 Ramstad, Jim MN 3rd 225-2871 103 Rangel, Charles B. NY
15th 225-4365 2354 Regula, Ralph OH 16th 225-3876 2306 Rehberg, Dennis R. MT
At Large 225-3211 516 Reichert, David G. WA 8th 225-7761 1223 Renzi, Rick
AZ 1st 225-2315 418 Reyes, Silvestre TX 16th 225-4831 2433 Reynolds,
Thomas M. NY 26th 225-5265 332 Rogers, Harold KY 5th 225-4601 2406 Rogers, Mike
MI 8th 225-4872 133 Rogers, Mike AL 3rd 225-3261 514 Rohrabacher, Dana
CA 46th 225-2415 2338 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL 18th 225-3931 2160 Ross, Mike
AR 4th 225-3772 314 Rothman, Steven R. NJ 9th 225-5061 2303 Roybal-Allard,
Lucille CA 34th 225-1766 2330 Royce, Edward R. CA 40th 225-4111 2202
Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch MD 2nd 225-3061 1630 Rush, Bobby L. IL 1st 225-4372
2416 Ryan, Paul WI 1st 225-3031 1113 Ryan, Tim OH 17th 225-5261 222
Ryun, Jim KS 2nd 225-6601 1110 Sabo, Martin Olav MN 5th 225-4755 2336 Salazar,
John T. CO 3rd 225-4761 1531 Sánchez, Linda T. CA 39th 225-6676 1007
Sanchez, Loretta CA 47th 225-2965 1230 Sanders, Bernard VT At Large 225-4115
2233 Saxton, Jim NJ 3rd 225-4765 2217 Schakowsky, Janice D. IL 9th 225-2111
1027 Schiff, Adam B. CA 29th 225-4176 326 Schmidt, Jean OH 2nd 225-3164
238 Schwartz, Allyson Y. PA 13th 225-6111 423 Schwarz, John J. H. ``Joe'' MI
7th 225-6276 128 Scott, David GA 13th 225-2939 417 Scott, Robert C. VA
3rd 225-8351 1201 Sensenbrenner, F. James Jr. WI 5th 225-5101 2449 Serrano,
José E. NY 16th 225-4361 2227 Sessions, Pete TX 32nd 225-2231 1514 Shadegg,
John B. AZ 3rd 225-3361 306 Shaw, E. Clay Jr. FL 22nd 225-3026 1236 Shays,
Christopher CT 4th 225-5541 1126 Sherman, Brad CA 27th 225-5911 1030
Sherwood, Don PA 10th 225-3731 1131 Shimkus, John IL 19th 225-5271 513 Shuster,
Bill PA 9th 225-2431 1108 Simmons, Rob CT 2nd 225-2076 215 Simpson,
Michael K. ID 2nd 225-5531 1339 Skelton, Ike MO 4th 225-2876 2206 Slaughter,
Louise McIntosh NY 28th 225-3615 2469 Smith, Adam WA 9th 225-8901 227
Smith, Christopher H. NJ 4th 225-3765 2373 Smith, Lamar S. TX 21st 225-4236 2184
Snyder, Vic AR 2nd 225-2506 1330 Sodrel, Michael E. IN 9th 225-5315 1508
Solis, Hilda L. CA 32nd 225-5464 1725 Souder, Mark E. IN 3rd 225-4436 2231
Spratt, John M. Jr. SC 5th 225-5501 1401 Stark, Fortney Pete CA 13th
225-5065 239 Stearns, Cliff FL 6th 225-5744 2370 Strickland, Ted OH 6th
225-5705 336 Stupak, Bart MI 1st 225-4735 2352 Sullivan, John OK 1st 225-2211 114
Sweeney, John E. NY 20th 225-5614 416 Tancredo, Thomas G. CO 6th 225-7882
1130 Tanner, John S. TN 8th 225-4714 1226 Tauscher, Ellen O. CA 10th
225-1880 1034 Taylor, Charles H. NC 11th 225-6401 339 Taylor, Gene MS 4th
225-5772 2311 Terry, Lee NE 2nd 225-4155 1524 Thomas, William M. CA 22nd
225-2915 2208 Thompson, Bennie G. MS 2nd 225-5876 2432 Thompson, Mike CA 1st
225-3311 231 Thornberry, Mac TX 13th 225-3706 2457 Tiahrt, Todd KS 4th
225-6216 2441 Tiberi, Patrick J. OH 12th 225-5355 113 Tierney, John F. MA 6th
225-8020 120 Towns, Edolphus NY 10th 225-5936 2232 Turner, Michael R. OH
3rd 225-6465 1740 Udall, Mark CO 2nd 225-2161 240 Udall, Tom NM 3rd 225-6190
1414 Upton, Fred MI 6th 225-3761 2183 Van Hollen, Chris MD 8th 225-5341
1419 Velázquez, Nydia M. NY 12th 225-2361 2241 Visclosky, Peter J. IN 1st
225-2461 2256 Walden, Greg OR 2nd 225-6730 1210 Walsh, James T. NY 25th
225-3701 2369 Wamp, Zach TN 3rd 225-3271 1436 Wasserman Schultz, Debbie FL
20th 225-7931 118 Waters, Maxine CA 35th 225-2201 2344 Watson, Diane E. CA
33rd 225-7084 125 Watt, Melvin L. NC 12th 225-1510 2236 Waxman, Henry A.
CA 30th 225-3976 2204 Weiner, Anthony D. NY 9th 225-6616 1122 Weldon, Curt
PA 7th 225-2011 2466 Weldon, Dave FL 15th 225-3671 2347 Weller, Jerry IL
11th 225-3635 108 Westmoreland, Lynn A. GA 8th 225-5901 1118 Wexler, Robert
FL 19th 225-3001 213 Whitfield, Ed KY 1st 225-3115 301 Wicker, Roger F.
MS 1st 225-4306 2455 Wilson, Heather NM 1st 225-6316 318 Wilson, Joe SC 2nd
225-2452 212 Wolf, Frank R. VA 10th 225-5136 241 Woolsey, Lynn C. CA 6th
225-5161 2263 Wu, David OR 1st 225-0855 1023 Wynn, Albert Russell MD 4th
225-8699 434 Young, C. W. Bill FL 10th 225-5961 2407 Young, Don AK At Large
225-5765 2111

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