Our Gulf War Illness Section deals with many of the issues facing our Gulf War veterans, so many of who have been diagnosed with a variety of illnesses which more recently are being tracked to service during the first Gulf War. Many young servicemen and women have died from undiagnosed and untreatable illnesses, and many continue to suffer. Chairwoman, Denise Nichols, RN MAJ. USAF RET. is unconquerable in her fight to get our Gulf War veterans the treatment and support by the Veterans Administration that they need. New information and updates are reported here continuously.

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Gulf War Illness
Library of Information

There is much more information stored in the library and archives section of Gulf War Illness. As we receive updated information from Denise and other sources, we will continue to post here. We hope this information serves well the Gulf War veterans community. Click on the library link to go there...

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to: Denise Nichols at: