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We Are Veterans...

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...and we speak with one veteran's voice throughout the nation for our veterans, their families, their communities, and we remember those who no longer have a voice.

Through our MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS, the NV&GWVC speaks out on behalf of America's veterans. We are united in brotherhood and dedicated to the betterment of veterans through the presentation and enactment of national legislation. We will never forget our comrades; what they did, and all they sacrificed for God and country. Freedom is NOT free! It has been paid for in the blood of our soldiers. The United States of America is ever worth fighting for. It is our Constitutional obligation and our staunch desire to keep her FREE! As veterans, we took an oath to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and we will continue to abide by that oath. We are veterans. We have been there...from the jungles to the deserts. From the field hospitals to the V.A. hospitals. We know. We understand. We care. The Directors of the NV&GWVC are veterans and/or family members of veterans, American patriots all!

The NV&GWVC is a political and non-profit organization, a Washington DC-based corporation, entitled to accept donations. You may donate to support the NV&GWVC by clicking on the donation link or by visiting our store. We thank you, wholeheartedly, for your continued support in enabling the NV&GWVC to achieve it's goals and continue it's work on behalf of veterans.










For two years the House Committee on Benghazi had investigated what truthfully came down on Sept. 11, 2012 that led to the murders of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The House Committee, on June 28, 2016, released their findings and they urge all Americans to read the 800-page report which we have posted here for easy access: The House Select Committee on Benghazi Proposed ReportThe House Select Committee on Benghazi Proposed Report

HOWEVER, if you believe the Warren Commission Report on the Kennedy Assassination and the 9/11 Commission Report then feel free to believe this hogwash which was a waste of taxpayer dollars. The committee was nothing but choreograhy and grandstanding. If you want a more accurate report read the Citizens' Commission on Benghazi : "Betrayal in Benghazi: a Dereliction of Duty" June 2019, 2016 Report published by Accuracy in Media


Our nation continues to be at war with itself entirely because within the halls of our nation's government sit members of the re-invented democratic party: the NEW Democratic Party, consisting of progressives, socialists, and those with ties to the Communist Party USA, their names all included and available for your review in our ENDORSEMENTS section. Included among the problems in Washington are the "Rinos," those members of the Republican Party who have not the courage or desire to stand up against the evil scourges and injustices facing our nation, those who are complicit in allowing perps and the causes of rampant radicalism to divide us, creating habitual lawlessness affecting everyday life here for our citizens. Radicalism, hatred, and lawlessness have increased dramatically in our nation, especially since the last administration, and continues to exist today due to those seeking revenge and the destruction of American values, traditions, and faiths. When elected polititians who do not follow the rule of law and commit to radical and social idealogy, the example they set and promote for the people resolve into utter chaos. Plainly put, America loses! Only your vote can help combat the dregs among those who serve us. Only your vote, and your voice, can help determine the fate of our nation and every American citizen whose rights and freedoms should be preserved and defended by our government leaders just as they are by those who serve in our armed foces, and have served, by those who fight and have fought, and by those who have sacrificed. Whether our country remains a free democratic republic, principled by our Founding Father's to exist as such, or whether our nation falls to global rule and oppression at the hands of BIG government, lies entirely in the hands of every American citizen of this great nation. Will you help America stand, or will you sit idly by and watch her fall deeper into the abyss of extremism? The Democrat party is abruptly, and relentlessly, destroying America! It is entirely up to you; to us to retain the Republic, our home!Continue to be vigilant! Remain consistently aware of your representation in Washington, and VOTE NO TO CORRUPTION!

We, Veterans...

...for several decades have witnessed our nation's decline from her paramount status among nations. Because of incompetence, ineptitude, corruption and even treachery, the United States of America has been brought to the brink of falling into the abyss of third world nation status, from which recovery would be very much in doubt if national leadership fails to change direction.

The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition Officers, Board, and Committees 2018-2019

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is comprised of both veterans and family members of veterans. We are a dedicated coalition of veterans groups from across the nation, and none of us could be prouder than to have served our nation in times of peace and war, or more devoted to the cause of defending freedom and our nation's Constitution.

Chairman John J. Molloy

John J. Molloy

Sgt. 2nd plt. B Co.
1/20 11th Lt. Inf. Bde
Vietnam 1967-1968
Survivor II WTC - 2/2 6/93 and 9/11/01

Presiding Chairman

NV&GWVC Chairman John J. Molloy and many other of our nation's veterans employed at the World Trade Center were there on 9/11. Some did not survive but, fortunately, Chairman Molloy is here to speak for those who cannot. Never forget what happened on that day in 2001, and in 2012 (Benghazi) for many innocent American lives were taken down by radical islamic terrorists. Justice must be served!


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