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NV&GWVC Committee on Counter-Terrorism

John Guandolo,

Past Chairman: Dr. Teddy Bitner, COL. USA RET.

Welcome to Our New Counter-Terrorism Section. The articles reported here are written by our counter-terrorism experts and we have added special links directing to other counter-terrorist related sites.

The Coalition committee on counter-terrorism was established by unanimous vote at the Coalition Board meeting of 8 November 2007, and equally as unanimous was the appointment of Dr. Teddy Bitner, COL. USA RET., who served until September 2020. The committee has taken measures to insure that Americans and our veterans are kept aware of the latest information and updates centering around the war on terror.

Dr. Bitner's First Committee Report HERE>>

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About John Guandolo...

John is a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps. and former FBI agent, and is currently Founder and President of "Understanding the Threat," an organization which investigates and pursues the threat imposed on our freedom by Islam and the Jihadists.

Commander's Briefings

We have published a report with safety precautions in the event of a nuclear terrorist attack. We urge you to read the articles following from our contributers. Also, we have added a special section called Commander's Briefings which include special reports conducted and reported by contributor, Larry J. O' Daniel.

The Watch on Terrorism Has Become An Everyday Way of Life

Being alert and knowledgeable will help us to continue to combat terrorism on every front. It is important that you remain cognizant of what is going on around you here and throughout the world. Please check back often for continued, updated information.

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Homeland Security Alert Color Code Box

red: SEVERE | orange: HIGH | yellow: ELEVATED | blue: GUARDED | green: LOW

National Security threat is currently HIGH (orange)

*International and Domestic Airline Flights fluctuate accordingly.
International Airports with flights to US now on HIGH alert.

The Following Present Major Security Concerns:

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Articles and Important Links

Commander's Briefings

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