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The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition is a 501(c)(4), a non-profit organization according to that particular section of the Internal Revenue Code which enables us to evaluate and endorse political candidates on a national level, and at our discretion may exercise our options with respect to Gubernatorial and/or state elections.

We evaluate candidates who promise to support veterans, veterans issues, and homeland security. We encourage and support candidates who are veterans and those who support veterans and we research, in depth, each candidate from respective parties who are most able to fulfill our expectations.

In the past we have had major issues with both Senators and House candidates receiving campaign contributions from Islamic factions, and/or those who have supported Islamic/terrorist factions. Below is a partial listing of some of those candidates. Some have since been voted out but others remain in office despite this knowledge. Our information was based upon the findings from Paul Sperry's book, "Infiltration." You can access Mr. Sperry's website at: www.sperryfiles.com for updates and also to contact Mr. Sperry.

Why Election 2020 Is Still Very Important

It's not over! The situation in our country has been severely threatened by the hidden agendas of the many socialist/communist factions within our own congressional halls, many, especially, situate within the new Democratic Party (and some who may be shadows within the Republican party). Violence and unrest has permeated many communities and cities in our nation, the majority of them democrat-run. As veterans, and as civilians, we cannot allow our country to be overrun by insurgents as if we are at war! We cannot allow racism and hatred to dominate our communities and in our government and law enforcement. Veterans have fought and many have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and for peace which we will not see taken from us by extremists.

The 2020 Presidential Election: What Really Happened?

The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition Proudly Endorsed President Donald J. Trump for Re-election, only to have the election overrun by pervasive, illegalities and irregularities.

A battle between good and evil prevailed in the 2020 election. Somehow, and magically, the godless, the unjust, and the immoral, have taken control of our nation. They were always there, however, in the shadows and fearful of public outcry. Now, with the world in utter turmoil, our nation is falling prey to the socialist/communist idealogy. We must overturn the House and keep the senate if we want to strengthen up our country and keep our beloved Republic, under God, with liberty and justice fall all. There are many faith-based, veteran-friendly, national security-wise members of House and Senate up for re-election once again during the 2022 mid-terms. Once again, the NV&GWVC will be adding our list of endorsements for those candidates we feel have our best interests at heart. We cannot afford to lose freedom or our second Amendment rights. We cannot allow others to remove God and prayer from our communities, or trample and disrespect our nation's flag! We cannot tolerate the very fact that radicals and terrorists, within and without, threaten our nation, our communities, and individual lives herein. Now, more than ever before, the sin of abortion has been justified by evil democrats whose mantra of praise is for a heartless, souless, faithless, and communist America!

President, Donald J. Trump was the ONLY pro-life, pro-veteran, pro-marriage between a man and woman, pro-national security, and pro-economic president in the recent history of our nation. He believes in the American people, and we continue to believe in him! President Donald Trump stood up for God and for country, and as citizen Donald Trump, he is not done yet. He created a movement, and that movement is just now growing it's wings! Joe Biden has been in government for 47 years with no accomplishments other than when he and former president Obama gave away 4.5 billion dollars to Iran with no accounting for it, and when the "Big Guy" withheld money from Ukraine until the prosecutor responsible for prosecuting his son, Hunter, was fired! Joe even confessed on video that the man, due to questionable blackmail, was fired! We cannot survive in a country run by Joe Biden and Barack Obama. And without further hesitation, be reminded, and concerned, that "President" Biden is in cognetive decline and not fit for the job as Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America!

Democrat Socialism

We attach herewith a list of names here confirmed and produced by author, Trevor Loudon in his book, "The Enemies Within" 2013-2015 Edition. This should serve as a prominent aid in forming your decisions in the upcoming election. It is imperative that we understand the agenda of the new Democratic Party, and it's affiliates, who have bold designs on reframing our nation's Constitution by advancing socialist policies to the extreme and harboring a national environment of radical lawlessness. The only way to help preserve our nation as the true essence and example of democracy is to VOTE OUT the socialist/communist factions. If you have little idea of how bad socialism can be for a country, check out some recent videos of the socialist country of Venezuala and see what destruction and corruption a socialist agenda can bring to a nation's people. A list of names of both Senate and Congressional Reps, many still serving, is attached for review along with an accompanying list of their communist connections. Please review before you cast your vote in the upcoming elections.

What we expect from the candidates we endorse is honor, trustworthiness, and full esteem for our nation and it's people, and the security thereof, and of our military and our veterans. We expect nothing less. Over the years the NV&GWVC has had the power to enforce legislation and also to successfully endorse candidates. We also have had and do have the power and ability to vote out those candidates who do not measure up to the NV&GWVC standards.

For Information and Review of Congressional Members' known affiliations to socialism and communism, click on link here:


One such case of not measuring up to our standards, is Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT). Veterans, in particular, should take note of Blumenthal's "Stolen Valor" and ask why he is serving on the U.S. Senate and on the Veteran's Affairs Committee. Blumenthal deliberately lied about service in Vietnam. He has no regard for veterans and for service, and yet he serves on the Committee handling veterans issues. Puzzling? Indeed. Blumenthal is one of the, seemingly, "untouchable" NEW Democrats. He has boldly lied and yet he calls out indiscretions among others. For more on Sen. Blumenthal's "Stolen Valor" comments, and also to learn about H. Res. 1071 and those who did and did not vote for it, click on the link below:


With your help, we look forward to a successful future for our nation and for our nation's veterans. God Bless America!

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