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Human Rights for Vietnam

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Hippocrite Joe Biden Refused Vietnamese Refugees Entry into America!

March, 2021


The following article was recently published on the treatment of the Vietnamese immigrants, who were called "boat people" because of the long, arduous journey on small boats that brought them, almost, to America's shores. However, owning to the uncharged criminals, George H.W. Bush, and Senator Joseph R. Biden, America refused them entry and, thus, they were turned about, again afloat, where many never made it and drowned. Yes; Joe Biden is more than just a criminal; he is a heartless wretch. Read for yourselves, the report of Biden's connection to the deniars who refused entry for the Vietnamese refugees, coming over from war-torn communist Vietnam, to a country with a government who told them: "Go back! We don't want you!" The Biden hypocrisy never ends, except for the illegals now with a purpose for coming in by the hundreds of thousands, and that is to secure the vote for a permanent democrat party. There has been no justice for the Vietnamese who came here later on, still oppressed, but, who have since worked diligently at becoming American citizens, and much more! Not a day goes by that do not show their gratitude for America, and for the soldiers who fought to help they and their country.

Communism is the mark of Satan upon the world. It has arrived knocking at America's front door, and the unofficial "president," Joseph R. Biden, is allowing the scourge in. Under President Donald J. Trump, the Vietnamese had a good friend. They respect and appreciate the 45th President of the United States, more of a help to them than any other president since the war.

Today, the Vietnamese people here in America are devout and loyal Americans, and, yet, a desire to see their homeland again, rests heavy on their hearts. The last thing the Vietnamese-Americans want to see happen here in America, is the turning of our democracy into another communist state. As long as Joe Biden, and through the shadow presidency of Barack Obama, is in the White House, only those illegals who do not speak english or show pride for our flag; those who do not work or bring with them skills to better themselves and our nation, will be accepted, without documentation, etc. A large portion of illegal immigrants, today, come here, not to work, but to live "free" off the blood, sweat and tears of American citizens, showered with freebies from this administration, candy-coated, as they court "the vote!"

Read here, how Joe Biden treated the victimized Vietnamese "boat people," and then ask yourselves why, if you did, you voted for such a heathen?!

No Vietnamese Need Apply...by Joseph Hippolito

The following article was submitted by Coalition officer and POW/MIA Committee member, Danny Belcher.

"My American friend who goes by the pen name of Co Van wrote this report some month ago. The situation has not changed. The same reports are coming out now with the cost of getting caught being death or worse for you and your family. Why do we want trade with communist Vietnam? Co Van is in Cambodia today. We hope he comes out alive."

"Another Obstacle for Montagnards"

Danny "Greasy" Belcher, Executive Director
Task Force Omega of KY Inc.
Vietnam Infantry Sgt. 68-69
"D" Troop 7th Sqdn. 1st Air Cav


Human Rights For Vietnam is part of the ten points issues represented by the National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition. Some of our Coalition member groups, our South Vietnamese allies, can be contacted for further information regarding the Human Rights movement on behalf of Vietnam.

Human Rights in Vietnam?

The UN should issue sanctions against the government of Vietnam for these violations of human rights. Vietnam should not be deriving benefit from its ecomonic relations with the United States while it persecutes people for practicing their religion. American prisoners of war and missing in action that still remain in Southeast Asia, though denied by our government, should not have their sacrifices discarded so readily.

Chairman Molloy-Nam Nhat NguyenAt left, Chairman John J. Molloy presents a momento signed by General Westmoreland to the President of Council of Vietnamese-American Organizations, Nam Nhat Nguyen.

Vietnamese flag

The United States government is quick to dismiss the sacrifices of its military for economic and political benefits. What political benefit was obtained from our abandoning our Vietnamese allies, if America had been willing to use its military might to enforce freedom for the Republic of Vietnam, the Muslim terrorists would never have considered attacking us.


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