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Membership Eligibility

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Membership is open to any bonafide organization which is:

(a) a veteran's membership organization (or coalition of such organizations or chapters or posts thereof) which enrolls Vietnam, Gulf War*, and all veterans of subsequent conflicts.

(b) administers programs which directly benefit veterans or

(c) an advocacy organization for veterans of Vietnam, Gulf War, and subsequent conflicts, for veteran-related issues whose primary services must include at least one (1) of the purposes for which the NV&GWVC was organized.

...*Gulf War also includes conflicts since that portion of the war concluded by the liberation of Kuwait. Inasmuch as the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, was not overthrown until the current Iraq War, and continued his hostility toward the United States, supporting anti-American terrorist activities (i.e. operating terrorist training facilities, awarding families of deceased terrorists, and a purported involvement in the destruction of the Murrah Building in April, 1995.)

The NV&GWVC welcomes organizations which include veterans of all conflicts from Vietnam to Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the War on Terror in general, and/or advocacy groups for such veterans.



is effective upon the affirmative vote and at the discretion of two-thirds of the Board of Directors present and voting, or of a membership committee established by a majority vote of the Board.

Application for membership should be in writing and on organizational stationary, and should indicate the objectives of the applicant and the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the representatives of the organization making the application. All applications should be sent to:

The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition
P.O. Box 177
McKnightstown, PA 17343
Attn: Hon. Ted Streeter, Gen. Secretary


Membership may be terminated by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors present and voting upon a finding that either: (a) the member organization has ceased to be active within the Coalition; (b) the member organization actively opposes one or more of the policy positions adopted by the Coalition or; (c) the member organization has engaged in disreputable conduct which brings discredit upon itself and, potentially, the Coalition.

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