• Remembering 9/11


    NV&GWVC Chairman John J. Molloy and many other of our nation's veterans employed at the World Trade Center were there on 9/11. Some did not survive but, fortunately, Chairman Molloy is here to speak for those who cannot. Never forget what happened on that day in 2001, and in 2012 (Benghazi) for many innocent American lives were taken down by radical islamic terrorists. Justice must be served!

    Chairman's TOC
  • USS Cole Cmdr. Kirk Lippold


    USS Cole Cmdr. Kirk Lippold, guest speaker, addressing a Coalition luncheon.

  • Gold Star Moms and Mickey


    The NV&GWVC remembers the late patriot and WWII veteran, actor Mickey Rooney, and his visit with some of our beloved Gold Star Mothers.

  • Louie!


    Hon. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), guest speaker, addresses a
    Coalition luncheon.

  • Kentucky Colonel Recipients


    Kentucky Colonel recipients Diana West, author, and the late Father Alister Anderson, NV&GWVC Chaplain

    Rogue's Gallery
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...Announces that the RELEASE Foundation has offered to sell tee shirts and other items, with 20% of each sale to benefit the coalition. Following is a list of items and their prices. Click on Order Form at the bottom of the page to place your order. Please be advised that all checks shall be made payable to the National Vietnam& Gulf War Veterans Coalition. You may fill out the order form and print a copy for your records as well as one copy to send in along with your check. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. We thank you for your support. Tee Shirts...all $10.00 each. Sizes M, L, and X-L. Shipping cost for one shirt is $3.95 and $1.50 for each additional. Following are the designs (available as shown) in stock.

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..."Unwanted Dead or Alive: The Betrayal of American POWs Following World War II, Korea AND Vietnam"
The latest POW book by author, Robert Pelton ....$25.00 plus shipping

..."Trails of Deceit"
The latest by author Larry J. O' Daniel, author of "Missing in Action: Trails of Deceit"....$27.95 plus shipping

Standard shipping cost for all items except patches is...$3.98 USD

Tee Shirts

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Rock the Casbah, Release POW/MIA, Betrayed POW/MIA

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NVGWVC mug and patch

Coalition Mug and Patch

We Accept Donations.

Any items purchased from our store are not-for-profit but are accepted as donations to the NV&GWVC to aid in material costs required to run the organization. You may make a general donation without a purchase.Whichever you choose, we thank you for your support of the NV&GWVC.

Donations to the NV&GWVC, a 501C4 organization under the Internal Revenue Code are not tax deductible.

Thank You For Supporting the NV&GWVC!

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