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Veterans Health Research Committee

Including Gulf War Illness


Thomas W. Trefts


The new, revised Veterans Health Research Committee is taking strides to offer new and updated information for every veteran, including family members of veterans. Immediately following is a link that will take veterans to a series of links on different illness topics, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s Children's Health Defense Organization raising awareness of vaccines. Please check back often for new information.

Unified Veterans and Family Information

From Tom Trefts, Chairman of the Committee:

"Project Badger was Bill Clinton's Green Light to open up the ability to give Anthrax Vaccines without informed consent.
Clinton signed off on it."

Vaccine Production Guidelines

MRNA Vaccines are DNA Altering Health & Legal Issues



For Alcohol, Addiction Treatment...Read Here


Memory Care for Veterans: Caring for Loved Ones with Memory or Cognitive Impairment

Read More About Memory Care for Veterans Here...

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Senior Advice for Veterans:

Read More About Senior Advice Here...

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Gulf War Illness

Our Gulf War Illness Section deals with many of the issues facing our Gulf War veterans, so many of who have been diagnosed with a variety of illnesses which more recently are being tracked to service during the first Gulf War. Many young servicemen and women have died from undiagnosed and untreatable illnesses, and many continue to suffer. Author, Amy Waters Yarsinski, pressed on for Gulf War Veterans with her book pertaining to Gulf War POW/MIA, Capt. Scott Speicher, entitled, "An American in the Basement." Add Amy's book to your "must read" list, for to know the truth behind Capt. Speicher's fate is to know the truth about how our government has handled the Gulf War and Gulf War Veterans.
New information and updates will be reported here as become available.

Arnold Mann's book "They're Poisoning Us!" is being both discounted for The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition and also with the purchase of each book from our site, author Arnold Mann will personally donate $2.25 to the Coalition. We thank you and remember: the discount and donation apply only when the book is ordered through our site.

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ATTN: GULF WAR VETERANS...New Information for your review


Blood Biomarkers of Chronic Inflammation in Gulf War Illness

The attached flyers for your review have been submitted to us by
Neda Almassi, Research Specialist
Department of Kinesiology
University of Wisconsin, Madison
William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
(608) 262-2457

There is much more information stored in the library and archives section of Gulf War Illness. As we receive updated information from Denise and other sources, we will continue to post here. We hope this information serves well the Gulf War veterans community.

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have on the Gulf War to info@veterans-coalition.org and your queries will be directed to the appropriate channel for a timely response.

Please bear with us while we re-issue the Gulf War Section information into PDF formatting for easier viewing.

Relevant Research Section

Gulf War Reps

Gulf War Studies

Gulf War Illness Information

Gulf War Library

Gulf War Illness on Facebook

Donald J. Trump and Veterans for Trump

Donald Trump at Gettysburg
John Molloy and board member, Gino Badolatto
officers for Trump

Candidate Donald J. Trump made a point to visit Gettysburg, PA, in 2016. At that time, many of our veterans, all over the country, came out in support of him. Veterans groups anxiously posed for photos standing behind our "Veterans For Trump" banners

Videos on Veteran's Health Care Issues

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A comprehensive list of NV&GWVC member organizations are listed here in PDF. If you would like to join the NV&GWVC, please visit our Join US page for further information. The most important requirement for becoming a member of the NV&GWVC is that you belong to or head a veterans organization or advocacy group. We cannot accept individual members.

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The NV&GWVC exists to coordinate and facilitate the diverse interests of small and regional veterans' organizations for concerted effort and common cause on behalf of veteran's affairs.


To support measures that will insure the safety and security of the United States of America and (in keeping with our oath upon entering the service of our nation) to defend the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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