• Remembering 9/11


    NV&GWVC Chairman John J. Molloy and many other of our nation's veterans employed at the World Trade Center were there on 9/11. Some did not survive but,fortunately, Chairman Molloy is here to speak for those who cannot. Never forget what happened on that day in 2001, and in 2012 (Benghazi) for many innocent American lives were taken down by radical islamic terrorists. Justice must be served!

    Chairman's TOC
  • USS Cole Cmdr. Kirk Lippold


    USS Cole Cmdr. Kirk Lippold, guest speaker, addressing a Coalition luncheon.

  • Gold Star Moms and Mickey


    The NV&GWVC remembers the late patriot and WWII veteran, actor Mickey Rooney, and his visit with some of our beloved Gold Star Mothers.

  • Louie!


    Hon. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), guest speaker, addresses a
    Coalition luncheon.

  • Kentucky Colonel Recipients


    Kentucky Colonel recipients Diana West, author, and the late Father Alister Anderson, NV&GWVC Chaplain

    Rogue's Gallery
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Veterans Health Research Committee

Including Gulf War Illness


Thomas W. Trefts

Our Gulf War Illness Section deals with many of the issues facing our Gulf War veterans, so many of who have been diagnosed with a variety of illnesses which more recently are being tracked to service during the first Gulf War. Many young servicemen and women have died from undiagnosed and untreatable illnesses, and many continue to suffer. Author, Amy Waters Yarsinski, pressed on for Gulf War Veterans with her book pertaining to Gulf War POW/MIA, Capt. Scott Speicher, entitled, "An American in the Basement." Add Amy's book to your "must read" list, for to know the truth behind Capt. Speicher's fate is to know the truth about how our government has handled the Gulf War and Gulf War Veterans.
New information and updates will be reported here as become available.

Arnold Mann's book "They're Poisoning Us!" is being both discounted for The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition and also with the purchase of each book from our site, author Arnold Mann will personally donate $2.25 to the Coalition. We thank you and remember: the discount and donation apply only when the book is ordered through our site.

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ATTN: GULF WAR VETERANS...New Information for your review

The attached flyers for your review have been submitted to us by
Neda Almassi, Research Specialist
Department of Kinesiology
University of Wisconsin, Madison
William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital
(608) 262-2457

There is much more information stored in the library and archives section of Gulf War Illness. As we receive updated information from Denise and other sources, we will continue to post here. We hope this information serves well the Gulf War veterans community.

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have on the Gulf War to info@veterans-coalition.org and your queries will be directed to the appropriate channel for a timely response.

Please bear with us while we re-issue the Gulf War Section information into PDF formatting for easier viewing.

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